The Nilgiris – A Mountain Trail

The Nilgiris – A Mountain Trail


The train chugged along the beaten track

Amidst mountains and lush green trees

Passing long dark tunnels cut in rock

To emerge into sunlit smoky peaks


Tiny rivulets it crossed, on its path

Over narrow wooden gauge tracks

Little waterfalls, trickling down its course-

To streams about which monkeys napped


Bluebells swayed in the cool breeze

Amidst pink and yellow flowers

The fuming engine struggled to push it up-

The mountainous creaky three line track


A quaint station came in view afar

Behind the sprawling tea plantations

Amidst tall trees to arrest the rain,

To water its engine stopped the weary train


Quenching its thirst it heartily whistled

As it set off turning water to steam

With which it pushed to reach the top

Looking down at valleys deep


As I looked on in wonder and delight

At nature’s abundant bounty

The station guard waived a red flag

Halting the toy train with a whistle, in Ooty





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