A Handsome Couple



You said you loved me – but you lied,
I was just an object in your eyes;
An object to flaunt in the public eye –
   Boost your ego, bring you into the limelight.

My foolish heart, believed your words,
It longed to be loved, to be hugged:
Believing you would love me forever
I bartered my love for your roving lust.

You treated me well, you handled me right,
I was a naive princess in your astute eyes:
You gifted me well, dined me in style –
The wine for sure blinded my trusting sight.

Just when I was sure, we’d be together forever –
You said I wasn’t the only one who was dear:
There were others too,  who your heart desired
Who gave themselves to you without a tremor!

I had given you my heart, bequeathed my soul,
My foolish heart conceded your words a joke;
Your passionate kisses had blinded me so –
How could you ever love anyone more?

All my light and shine I had passed on to you,
You were now at the epicenter of my world:
Robbing my soul’s light, you now shone bright,
While I was happy to glow in your star light.

But one fine day in front of my naive eyes-
What do I see by the shimmering seaside!
A man in glitzy black, the woman in white:
You the man, the woman- of whom you had lied.

Walking up to you in the wind and the surf…
I rolled in to my voice an impeccable, cool charm:
“You make a handsome couple” I said, flashing my best smile –
My eyes -they stung, my heart burnt amber in the cool night!

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