An Afternoon Trek: Wellington, Tamil Nadu

An Afternoon Trek


The roads are winding, steep and uphill,

As we trudge on in the afternoon chill;

On either side are valley and hill,

Colourful flowers below pretty windowsills.


Part of the trek we have cloud and wind,

Then there is sun that burns our skin;

Sometimes cars make us swerve to the right,

Left we cross – to catch a breath-taking sight.


Little children holding their mother’s hand,

Outside closed convent gates stand,

Eyes twinkling with pranks they’ve planned,

Since the school bell rang – ending its ban.


At crossroads we stop to catch our breath,

But more for directions we have to take;

Posing for photographs at picturesque sights,

Bridges and golf courses on our stride.


Houses with blooming gardens in sight,

Make me wonder about the people inside –

Favoured by nature, aren’t they fortunate to be,

In the lap of mountains and striking scenery!


By now weary from the uphill walk,

Suddenly afar we see two armed guards:

Protecting those training to defend –

At the Army Staff College in Wellington.


A few moments at the war memorial we stand,  

Then trudge up to the barracks further up;

En route, at suave officers in cars we glance –

In blazers with name tags breezing past.


After pizzas and cool drinks at the barrack shop,

Munching homemade chocolates we trek on;

For before dark we have to safely be indoors –

In our hillside room, at the cottage in Conoor.

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