The Perfect Woman


The Perfect Woman


It was last night that we were friends

Lovers, partners and all things else

But today is the beginning to the end

Now, we will remain at our own ends


Last night you told me there was someone new

How can I tolerate this, added to all else I do?

Were we not destined to be together till the end?

Wonder what really happened to us then?


You also said I was not woman enough for you –

Cause I talked too much and was egotistic too

Affectionate and warm I wasn’t to you –

In addition to that always nagging you


You said I should be polite and adjust with you

Be supportive, not draw comparisons of you

I should listen without a debate too

Remain calm, totally trusting you


I don’t fit into the grove of a perfect woman

For I flare at the slightest provocation

Arguments are an integral part with me

As you said I talk nonsense incessantly


A man you said there is out there for me

But you certainly are not meant for me

I can settle for any of them I want

You had found the woman you truly want


I know what you said of me is so untrue-

Perhaps jealousy made me a stranger to you

I knew there was another woman you were seeing

But I prayed and hoped this wasn’t really true


Why didn’t you just leave me, with my dignity intact?

Excuses I didn’t need, of your new woman I knew

Killing my spirit was so brutally cruel

Can I overcome this humiliation so rude?


Love is the tolerance of weaknesses, I knew

To accept strengths one need not love true

I’m not the woman for you, you said, didn’t you?  

A perfect woman accepts flaws – like I did of you





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