The Pearl



Sitting quietly by the shore,

Basking in the setting sun’s glow;

The sand between my toes,

I search for myself once more.


Lost in the world I am,

Among my identities trapped-

Like a tiny spec of sand,

Within an oyster lying entrapped.


As wife, daughter and colleague I am,

In a tiny spec of sand compressed-

In an oyster of womanhood encased,

Struggling to fit into the mould with grace.


Water slowly seeping into the oyster,

Cradling the sand tenderly thereafter-

Is like love percolating into my life,

My identities somehow binding tight.


With time it will be all this love,

Like water enclosing a spec of sand-

That will turn me into a shining Pearl,

In a garland of womanhood of the world.



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