Love At First Sight



I searched the world that I may find

            A love that is pure and truly divine,

That which I could say was only mine –

            Comforting me from squall and strife.


In my dreams love had no face –

            It was an illusion I earnestly chased:

A complex maze into which I raced,

            With my perceptions – an image I traced.


Into that image I breathed form and life –

            My hearts desires and longings to abide:

When it took the effigy I inscribed

            I mistook it for love at first sight.


With the passage of time, I realized

            The qualities I had myself surmised:

Into the image I had infused with life –

            In a deluge began to be refused.


In my mind, I had created this form

            With which my heart keenly fell in love:

Is it then that I might say, love is blind –

            Or is it the reflection of my own light!


When I accept the worth of the one I love

            By acknowledging he is unique and one:

Then can I be blessed with lasting love –

            A love that is pure and true in every form!




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