Sitting at the rooftop coffee shop –

            People around us we silently watch:

Are they all just as happy as us

            In sharing their life over coffee thus?


A lifetime nearly since we are friends

            Though we now reside at different ends;

Having come to our hometown now

            Allows us to catch up on life somehow.


“Would you want to live life over again?”

            Sipping my mint ice-tea I wistfully ask,

“In going back to college do you think –

            We could once again bring back the zing?”


Digging into her blueberry muffin she sighs:

            “Ah! Those fancy-free days, multiple-date nights,

When classes we missed for movies and pubs,

            Wouldn’t we do anything to go back then again!”


Life is now monotonous and a lot less fun –

            Our duties, responsibilities, we cannot shun:

Wife, mother, daughter, we’re all in one,

            Isn’t being boss, at times the most daunting one!


After a sip of her café latte she ruefully smiles,

            “Ah, the cute guy with the crush on you so high!”

“One who chased me in and out of class” I laugh –

            “Doesn’t it all now seem so much of the past?”


It’s with close friends like us we can really be

            Only ‘me’ – from all other classifications free:

Sharing our failings with each other as now –

            We step out of playing superwomen somehow!


As the guys who once chased us all over town,

            Married to us chase flourishing careers now:

Children too once grown, from home will leave –

            Then on our concrete friendship may we lean.


Life’s road often can be steep and uphill –

            Holding each other’s hands we’ll trudge on still:

But then why can’t we all always truly be

            Cheerful and carefree, as we once used to be!





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