As I Traverse


As I Traverse:

Green green green…is all I can see
As I slice through the face of diversity:
Crossing over south to north of India
Of a land enigmatic to say the least.

Tall white birds fly low over lush grass
That twinkles delightfully in the sunlight;
As shimmering rivulets and lakes gush
Below pretty bridges on which tracks run.

Clusters of coloured graves with crucifixes-
Stand embedded on earth amidst palm groves;
As tall, bright, deity engraved temples stand 
Their colourful idols carved large on pink walls.

Amid ceaseless stretches of lush brown fields
Haystacks stand as clusters of village huts;
While on trees amidst them white birds fly –
Over sun-burnt men, women, bent over work.

My eyes glued to the sight from my berth –
Music plays into my ears from a white ipod…
I concede to culture so diverse south to north –
On landscape distinctly changing hue and tone.


PS – I’m scribbling this, sitting on my lower side-berth on the Rajdhani Express, from Chennai to Delhi for the launch of my book ‘Across Borders’ in Dec 2013. I’d wanted to undertake this journey alone for a long time now and it’s been worth it so far – truly amazing, watching the change of topography and culture.

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