A Literary Crush…

First it was your lyrical words I met
Then it was your enchanting thoughts
Through them different worlds I viewed
My arms tucked into yours I walked

It kept raining in that world we trooped
As drenched through our skins we were
Yet I did not feel the moist on my skin
As your magical words warmed my heart

I traversed with you through hills and plain
My hand securely clasped in yours
You led me through wind and snow alike
Though the rain never left our side

In my heart I knew you so well by now
Even though we were as yet to meet
Your soul had reached out to touch mine
As words travel where none can reach

So when you opened your door that night
My soul walked right into your arms
Though we looked on as strangers do
Our hearts melted effortlessly into one

The wine you poured warmed my blood
Yet a chill ran down my heart and spine
As worried I was you could hear my heart
As loud as thunder as of that clammy night

Though I kept rambling incessantly
Over the dance recital and then dinner
I wish I could bring myself to tell you
A mere hug could make me steadier

As you walked me home in the chill
A good distance we kept in our strides
I spoke ceaselessly till we reached my gate
But nothing of what went on in my mind

This meeting, I dreamt after reading your book
As I fell asleep with it covering my brazen heart
But not before you’d kissed my soul with steady lips –
After which I melted into the warmth of your arms…

PS : This is dedicated to my dear friend Rijuta Dey, a young journalist based in London, who introduced me to this term ‘Literary Crush’ very lately. I tried to project it as best I could….hope it does justice to the sentiments. 

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