Fathers Day thoughts: The Essence Of Your Hand.

The Essence Of Your Hand…


Dad, you taught me right from wrong,

Filled my lips with a joyous song.

Whenever I slipped, you held my hand,

Helped me leave imprints in the sand.


I looked to you for strength and support,

When on others I could not depend.

My life was often turbulent and blue,

But you helped me sail right through.


My eyes and smile I inherited from you,

Always forever reminding others of you.

But I was forever a little girl to you,

Whose hand you held right through.


Opening the gate in the evenings to you,

Ensured with chocolates you walked through.

Your charming warmth always a part of you,

You picked me up, hugged me close to you.


In life’s long journey I keep looking for you,

In whom do you reside, so I may find you?

Now that you’re gone all that’s always there-

Is the essence of your supportive hand.





Dad & I ….he left us on the 5th of Jan, 2005.


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