The Rain Song


The Rain Song


Sitting on my balcony

I watch the green sight,

The top of trees quiver –

Their leaves drip light.


The sky dark as night,

Yet with hints of light;

Crows hop restlessly –

On branches astride.


Thunder rips my soul,

Light dazzles my sight –

As sound of steady rain 

Soaks my heart’s quiet.


Music playing indoors

Pervades my senses –

Lyrics soft and tender

As if rain in my mind.


Amidst gleams of light –

Thunder roaring aloud;

I hear soft rain on leaves

Singing a ballad of my life.



ImageI’m scribbling this spontaneously on my notepad, on the spread out 2nd floor balcony of my mother’s house in Calcutta, as I watch the rain, home alone. Happiness is in such little things ☺️😍

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