Your Hidden Face


Your Hidden Face:

In the rain, on leaves I see your face-
Shapeless, green and tenderly faint;
Floating in my memory as in a haze,
Yet your soul I brazenly embraced.

You speak to me as soft as a breeze-
Caressing my face, tender on my skin;
Drops of rain fall steady on the roof,
As loud as your speechless words do.

Chirping of a range of birds that abound,
Trying to drown the sound of rain’s fall:
That drips steady drop by drop on walls,
But I hear dribs, pure as I do your voice.

Dark swimming clouds slowly waft by,
Clearing a lighted spectrum in the sky;
As a band of birds fly past a lit cosmos,
Drawing attention to your smiling face.

Now I see your face distinctly bright,
The one hidden so long from my sight;
It is the one I speak to in my dreams,
My imagination now has your sheen.

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