In A Green Stretch


In A Green Stretch

In a pine wood with winding mud-tracks,
There’s green stretches where cows graze;
The breeze here bounces off lashing waves,
As it embalms the scent of the sea in haste.

It’s few hours’ drive out of the city here,
A weekend getaway, a charming locale;
Amidst childhood friends I feel safe now,
No pretence I need to convey all’s well.

The chalet is empty, the others are out,
I opted for a rendezvous with my mind;
It’s been so long since I could spare time,
To romance emotions flurried over time.

Moonlight on my face, I’m awake in bed,
As I listen to the leaves rustle in the wind;
Over the gurgle of the sea rough at night,
I still hear the clamour of thoughts within.

My mind discerns what it must do now,
But my heart puts up a stiff, strong fight;
Between the two I am squashed in pain,
Sitting on a bed of arrows life provides.

Injured the heart never loses its’ yearn,
However much the cognizance of strife;
Till it’s crushed to the very core by fraud,
Defeating, eradicating its trust in mankind.

I must rise over din that crushes humanity,
Listen to the sound of the sea and of life;
I must heal now, raise my soul from ashes
As to live without trust would mean I’d die.

I doze off, my mind exhausted from combat,
Tired of chiding my heart ever ready to trust;
I open my eyes to bright sunlight on my face –
I know I’ll upkeep faith in humanity, not doubt.


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