Myths About Introverts:

At the semi-final round of my interview to join the service quality department of a reputed airline back in 1997, I was asked by the expatriate head of service quality and training “are you an extrovert or an introvert.”

I paused, my heart sinking, frantically wanting to lie, to ensure I qualified for the role. But true to myself, I sheepishly blurted “I am an introvert” sure that this was the end of this road for me.

But to my astonishment, looking me straight in the eye, I was gently told “but why are you hesitant…introverts make much better service personnel, as they can relate to people one on one, much better than extroverts. I beamed, almost brighter than a lighthouse – the ship of my confidence coming to shore. It would sail to numerous ports thereon, starting with the final round of the interviews with the head of customer services, which I now smoothly sailed through, when asked “tell me, why do you think we should select you from among the numerous applicants we have.”
Sometimes all me need in life is a little reinstatement of our potential, that we can do it too, that we can be achievers as well, so we run in leaps and bounds. Luckily, I’ve met a number of people later in life who have done that for me, after I was always passed over in school and college…let’s do this for our juniors, for youngsters, show them their potential…shall we?

Please read this list of myths on introverts in the link below and let’s not leave introverts out of important jobs/roles as they may turn out as the strength of your classrooms, departments, or organisations for that matter.…

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