Homeward, On A Dream Trail


The narrow winding mud road,
Ran into the deep green woods;
Even as I looked at it enchanted,
I rushed by on tracks by the brook.

Where might that road have lead?
How I wish I had followed its trail:
Perhaps to a stream gurgling by hills;
So I’d stretch on nature’s green stage.

I’d watch the birds regale a blue sky-
Forming patterns only I could relate;
The sun beaming, guiding their spree-
Through green trees I’d watch its rays.

A white rabbit might hop over to me,
Distinct amidst lilacs, blue daffodils;
Offer his hand to any aid I might need,
Here in his home of beauty and solitude.

My face sprinkled by a waterfall I’d smile,
‘No, I’m not lost, I’ve found…” I’d reply.
‘A home as none yet, as no friend nor joy –
Which then wouldn’t you allow me to enjoy?’

He’d accept, yet I’d chug by, on steel tracks,
Never this narrow winding track to traverse:
To return to my world – to reality, and a life,
Where at home, there’s struggle, but Hope.


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