My Dream Home

IMG-20150218-00592My Dream Home

In the deep woods, by the brook,
Amidst lilacs, parrots in the bush,
Where Mynas chirp, Cranes hop,
Is our cabin of brick and wood.

A tiny bridge over the clear brook,
Pretty in yellow, green, cheery in look;
You cross it, as you would a gateway,
Step into a garden our lodge embraces.

Up the stairs of trunks from the woods,
Atop the tree – it has my home in its nook;
On the fireplace, lie open two poetry books,
By a bottle of red wine, two glasses stood;

Awaiting our return from an evening walk,
Through winding tracks around a waterfall;
Over trails on which squirrels cross our path,
But Wood peckers don’t stop to stare at us.

The setting sun soft, tender on our skin,
Pink, Orange, Gold as is Love – it streams;
We stride close, hand in hand in the woods,
Flushed from yearning, of a Love that soothes

IMG-20150218-00596IMG-20150218-00591 IMG-20150218-00593IMG-20150218-00600  IMG-20150218-00597 IMG-20150218-00599  IMG-20150218-00601IMG-20150218-00605IMG-20150218-00604  IMG-20150218-00606IMG-20150218-00608  IMG-20150218-00607  IMG-20150218-00615

Photo’s also by Shuvashree Ghosh

One thought on “My Dream Home

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