On the eve of World Poetry Day (21st March)


…this is my humble attempt at defining a Poem.

A Poem
A propelling word, and then a few lines,
Spurting compelling thoughts in my mind;
I first mark them down at the nick of time,
Lest they involuntarily leave me behind…

These lines delve into a maze of thoughts,
That chase unconscious unravelled tracks:
I now let myself get lost in their troughs,
They lead in my core to veiled grasslands.

I’m surprised by the intricacy of my soul,
Whose thoughts I unconsciously abhorred.
Yet it was that momentous fleeing thought,
That has led me to myself – otherwise lost.

From deep within the fissures of my mind,
A well of experience, emotions; wisdom arises:
Infusing repertoire of words, language imbibed,
A poignant, myriad kaleidoscope I inscribe.


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