Germanwings Flight 9525


I had to bring us down,
No matter what or how;
I needed to belie pain-
I felt inside and out.

My anguish, as a boulder,
Crushing my ribs asunder;
My soul screaming aloud-
Will someone let me out?

I was drowning in my grief,
That ran torrid in my veins;
How could I think of you?
I was gripped by a grue.

You all had faith in me,
I would not let you down,
I was guarded by a senior-
He knew his job, inside out.

It wasn’t me, please believe –
I was only a taciturn spectator;
To a monster overpowering me,
My head – it nurtured his clout.

So feel a pity for me people,
I was just as helpless as you;
I was driven by my own demons,
But I was the only demon for you.

PS: The co-pilot deliberately crashed plane, officials say…

potd-germanwings-f_3246074bThe black box voice recorder from the Germanwings Airbus A320 plane

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