A Good Writer

11012968_797950270272992_8200902388965898101_nIt is in my bid to be, not just a successful writer, but a ‘good writer’ with a view to the points here, that you are privy to my constant rehearsals on this Face Book forum/court/stage.

My posts are like daily basket-ball dribbling practices, wherein once surefooted, I can achieve with further practise of the layups and straight shooting – as I tend to with my poems and short stories in my blogs, to be a good writer.

I have read of passionate sportspeople, actors, singers, musicians, who have in their early days practised in public parks, courts, or stages, either for the lack of a private stage/court, but more importantly to build confidence in their skill, performing without reserve in the view of professionals and the public. A rather large number of my friends are journalists, writers and reputed authors, at various levels of proficiency, some very senior and veteran. Each time I post, I’m conscious that any of them if not all, might read it. Thus I am careful with sentences, and try to recurrently improve their construction, along with sharpening my thought process in them.

My husband never ceases to complain, on how much time I’m wasting on FB, instead of getting on with serious writing of my novel; and from relaying on his return home, how this/that person, from reading my FB posts – was asking what’s wrong with me. But I don’t give up. What he and his friends don’t understand is I’m a late entrant in the field of writing. I am not lucky as they are to have newspaper/magazine columns that pay, to practise, demonstrate their skills, before turning authors.

I therefore use free mediums like FB and blogs, for my practises. But over and above the practise, I always strive to make my posts count to inspire society at large – especially the many young who read/follow/share my posts or my blogs consistently, rather than writing to entertain my friends. Thankfully book’s pages and blogs give a motivating insight into the reader inflow, rather than having to look out for the ‘likes’ and comments on ones FB profile.

With reference to the list here – Luckily, I usually have something to say, as I’ve read variedly since childhood, and continue to do so. And through varied corporate jobs that required such skill – have the ability for clear thought. But what is most difficult in this list here to achieve is point 4 – to be a genius at putting emotions into words. This requires the most practise and confidence, and thus you see my wearing a different emotional hat every other day, even at the cost of your assumptions of my emotional instability, and constant wonder at my drive and motivation.

But you see, how with practise, in a few minutes I’ve written a whole page, elaborating the points already well expounded in the list, differently, and I’ve said nothing new really. A novel, that’s what I see myself writing more of, is about pages and pages…and some more pages for you to read. Then I want to touch your heart and soul, make you think, and not merely entertain you on a flight or train. Do you think then, I can be a ‘good writer’ someday? Would you pay to read me consistently? 😛


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