Say Something.



I liked the way you looked at me,

That evening, when we first met;

Across the table, over everybody,

A moment, our sights professed.


It was a dinner party for twelve,

All of us meeting the first time.

We’d connected well, over wine,

You made an entry in due time.


You sat alongside me, to my right,

A young man between our sights:

Yet you made to connect with me,

But your attempts were all futile.


Then it was over emails and types,

We stayed in touch over few months:

With time removing from my sight,

Your arrogance blurring my mind.


Written words duly thawed the ice,

Our first dinner had frozen tight:

Due to the facades we both wear,

Shielding hearts broken over time.


Next time, unnoticed, you beheld me:

With awe, longing, affectionate pride;

It unravelled in a photo to my delight-

I may now rewind as often as I like.


The third time you stared at me,

As if you were in a state of shock:

It was like you saw an apparition

In black, had landed at your porch.


None has ever looked at me thus,

With interest, raw desire, all in all:

Light of your eyes melted my heart,

Set it off trailing your sharp mind.


Now that my molten heart is aglow,

By the steady flame from your eyes;

Break your silence, say the words:

So my heart doesn’t freeze in time.













This poem is inspired by the two songs:

 “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera –

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri –

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