Definitely, Maybe…


I saw the way you looked at her
With that twinkle in your eyes,
The smile you could not conceal
As it caught her eyes, also mine.

She smiled slyly, trying to evade me-
The twinkle in her eyes caught mine:
Rather than notice my crushed face
I left you together, walked sorely by.

For months now I’d noticed changes-
A lilt in your voice, spring in your walk;
The delayed homecomings you justified,
Your phone notifications wouldn’t stop.

There’d be outings you both planned
Then invite me to join you as an alibi;
To prove to the world you’re friends
Even a medical emergency you’d defile.

What’s worse is you were real nice to me,
Kinder than you were in a really long time:
Thus confirmed I’d be you were true to me,
The others were mere cherries on your pie.

Then I saw you smile by yourself late at night-
You’d delayed coming to bed working overtime:
That’s when I told myself, ‘Stop living a white lie,
Get on with life – not waste it on your black lies.’


🙂 This is poem is inspired by the movie “Definitely, Maybe” that I just watched this afternoon on TV – Romedy Now. The trailer:

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