August Rush



We were sitting by the seaside

            After dinner in the moonlight,

Sipping beer under tall pines –

            As in your hand you took mine.


Rushing to meet us, the waves –

            Like my heart stopped on track,

The breeze was cool on my spine

            But your hand felt warm in mine.


We were meeting the first time          

            At a party on this August night,

Far from your friends and mine

            As only in our hearts lyrics thrive.


The moon and the tide astride

            You stroked my hair very light,

Talking trivially of our past lives –

            What counted is this flash in time.


As you turned to look into my eyes

            Viewing in them surf rush to the seaside:

I saw in your eyes the rush of the tide,

            Yearning of our souls I could not hide.


Kissing your lips soft as if the sea moonlight –

            A connection our souls made that night:

Music we’re gifted with, did us further bind; 

            Also we’re nature’s scions we surmised.


Silently we kissed on the face of the surge –

           We’re August born – a connection firmed,

With time we discovered we’re so much alike –

            We savoured our first kiss with salt of the tide.


PS – This poem is inspired by the film August Rush I watched last night on TV – Romedy Now.


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