7b84f3f76d6a423e534761756490f0cdI love the profundity of this statement. But what’s important, really, is we lead our lives such that we do not regret and expect to be served a different dish, when we sit down to our meal, from someone else’s banquet – that they have painstakingly marinated and slow-cooked, over a low flame.

It is common, for people to tend to crave what’s served to someone, at the next table at a restaurant, over what they have ordered – thus not enjoying as much, what started out to seem enticing while ordering. They also expect, everyone else would, just like them, crave another’s dish, and regret the ones they let go, when the platter was going around.

I tend to meet friends, family and well-wishers, who never cease to remind me, of what and where I could have been in life now, vis-à-vis a struggling writer – say for instance, if I had not quit my airline job, then my hotel and retail jobs, or for that matter my executive search one, even my business stint. What I try to communicate, but most often ineffectively, is that I’ve tasted all those dishes…but have no regrets in moving on, to newer tastes. What I am today, the ingredients I’ve collated, for the new pies I’m baking now, as a writer, is from all those past opportunities and experiences. Why would I want to continue, to have the same dishes I baked then, even if they all seem alluring, at my ex-colleagues tables – with the aroma, of their progress?

Why would I regret, not having been a journalist or a writer, early in life, seeing the by-lines of those decades younger than me, when in spite of all my varied experiences, added to that of one as an author, no one would give me, a public column to write? Neither have I studied literature or journalism, or started out as a reporter, in my early twenties.

Well, I made the choice, to study commerce, work in the corporate world, then make the switch, as a writer. I must then accept, I’ve got to climb up the ladder anew, as in a game of snakes and ladders, work much harder, than those who made their choices early.

I am so grateful, for all the enriching experiences I’ve had in life, I just do not find the opportunity, to envy those whose writing path, is so much easier than mine – for the choices they have made. I would not forego my learning curve, the wisdom, and confidence I bring to the new cooking grill of my mind 🙂

What I’m really trying to say is, we must take responsibility, for our choices, as they all add up to our experiences – which if we use judiciously and constructively, may form our destiny someday.

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