I sowed a tender unique plant,

            Nurtured it with love and care;

Into it I put my time and effort –

            It would grow special and rare:

You came along to visit one day –

            “The pot’s so exquisite” you raved.



I dressed with care to please you –

            My face shone, my hair was intact;

I wore shoes and a handbag to match –

            The earrings, neckwear, were rare.

But it’s my dress you commended highly –

            Looking through as I wasn’t there.



I loved you more than you did yourself,

            Did all I could to convey you’re the best;

But you flashed me your expedient views –

            Jealousy in love is humdrum, out-of-place.



I work so hard to shine, to succeed in life –

            You see my sincerity and efficiency radiate

But you turn a blind eye as if from the sun:

            Appreciating the moon – my light replicates.



I communicate, but you don’t read cues –

            Leaving me unappreciated, so refused;

How am I supposed to love wholeheartedly –

            When it’s only of your sentiments you care:

In steadying relationships, mustn’t we abide –

            To receive with grace, listen to what’s quiet.



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