In The Autumn of Our Lives.



There’s much I want to say to you

            But none of it have I been able to:

It’s the little things in life that matter,

            So nothing big I’ve ever asked of you.


Every effort I make for you with fervour

            Is reflection of my deep love for you:

Why then do you dither in showing

            The love I know you feel for me too?


There is so much you keep hidden inside –

            It’s me you’re in love with never to abide;

It’s love of your ego you’ll rather stroke –

            Even misunderstandings my love to evoke.


You evade tuneful notes I play only for you

            While I scan yours for what is my due;

I pronounce my love in so many ways

            Yet you crave straws women chuck you.


I paint the sky in red, violet I drip on you,

            In all rhymes I sing – I envelop you in hue;

The wild green we paint each other with –  

            It’s because passion in us still rings true.


Yet we freeze each other out in silences

            Under which bitter fuming currents brew:

Now that this tide is so full of our grief –         

            With time a bridge will we ever construe!


Let’s throw open our dam of grievances –

            So what if we wash each other with refuse:

We’ll cleanse our hearts outpourings –

            As egos coalesce we’ll build bridges anew.


You wish I’d be independent and strong –

            Allow you space to wander, trot the globe;

But I’ll learn to live without you, to survive –

            Will you my love subsist if I’m forever gone?


PS: This poem is inspired by the Indian (Bengali) film ‘Bela Sheshe’ that I watched this evening: After fifty years of togetherness and raising three daughters and a son, Biswanath (actor Soumitra Chatterjee) decides to divorce his wife Aarti (actor Swatilekha Sengupta). He feels that his married life has run its course and has nothing new to offer. The official trailer with English subtitles is in the link here:

You could read this article too, in the link below:

2 thoughts on “In The Autumn of Our Lives.

  1. A frail body on a rocking chair in a lonely verandah of a house in dire need of paint and repair looking towards cloudless sky………………that’s what appeared before my eyes while reading your poem.

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