Have I Taught You To Love?


“Forever – is composed of Nows” –Emily Dickinson


I treated you like you were the only one,

You treated me as I was amongst all, one;

Yet I gave you all in me I had left to give,

As that’s the only way I know how to live.


You were not ready to let your ego go,

While I didn’t ever allow it to you, show;

I wanted you to know you were my core,

As you tried to project I wasn’t your fore.


You did not support my forays into light,

While I was so proud of your every flight;

I sheltered your hurting every way I could,

On my bare toes you ensured you stood.


 I tried every which way to make your today,

To choose your outfit, red carnations bright;

Yet how could I have them adorn your life-

As balloons of pungent words you hurled?


Now that we no longer can communicate,

Live our lives in our separate selfish ways;

I wish on you, someone you can celebrate,

As I taught you to love, teach her to cherish.


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