A Morning Walk: Bekal, Kerala


As I strolled the rain-drenched beach

            With varied seashells strewing my feet:

They prickled my jute-sandaled heels

            Awakening my intellect to sight and feel.


The waves, they crashed loud on my right –

            Frothy they were, the sea looked as white;

Coconut, palm trees rustled to my left side,

            Birds manifested them – chirping loud, wild.


The sun didn’t yet seem remotely to show     

            But awaiting it the sky did lay out its glow;

As fissures developed through dark clouds –

            Light crept on me slowly, it was dainty now.


Then suddenly there came a burst of light,

            As I looked in awe I was suffused in dawn;

The birds now flew wild, chirped in delight,

            Waves crashed noisily, as sun then arrived.


I walked on still – a steady, slow pace now

            Digging my feet into limp, wet, steady sand:

For I wanted to reach far as sight would go –

            Curious to view what lay behind nature’s fore.


When suddenly I reached an L shaped curve –

            There the beach came to an abrupt, sharp halt;

I walked on further towards the big boulders

            To where – thereupon the sea flowed sideward.


It was here in flowing through green woods  

            An elegant river kissed the dandy sea’s lips:

Together they stood in earnest, tight embrace –

            Even though from them differences emanate.


The sea gurgled playfully, wild waves lashed,

            As serene – the river flanked by woods gushed;

I stood above watching their copious spree:

            The river blushed – as stroking it was the sea.


Yet they both retained their distinctive charm –

            One rough, the other tender: both so in love.

As I walked back leisurely in the soft sunlight –

            Nature’s lovemaking was intense on my mind.


It’s possible to love profusely, be free, distinct –

            Two people in love needn’t lose individuality.

The sea by now was calm, the birds gone quiet;                     

            Uniqueness in love: from nature I’d surmised.










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