The Thorn In My Heart


The Thorn In My Heart

There’s a thorn stuck in my heart,

It’s seeping my life’s blood away;

Yet I allow it inside of me to stay,

As pulling it out will augment pain.

With every breath, blood it splays,

Blinding me from my true vocation;

Yet I let the thorn inside me remain,

Till courage to pull it out I may gain.

Then one day you walk past again,

It’s destiny, only a glimpse we gain-

Of each other, as we strain in vain;

The thorn in my heart pricks again.

On purpose did you avoid my gaze?

Was it so your heart wouldn’t race?

From time we had with god’s grace:

Lost now to new lives with no trace?

I must pluck the thorn fast as I can,

Free my heart and mind over again;

I’d find a new love faster, wouldn’t I:

Only if I get rid of that thorn insane? 

PS – This poem is inspired by the beautiful thought and the words above…I liked the idea so much, I mean – the kite string one, that I reread it several times…it resulted in these lines of my own, which also take into account the thoughts below 🙂



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