Walking Through Vulnerability



If you’re afraid of vulnerability…you’ll never cross over to strength: This is in love and all things else.
I’ve evolved into the position of courage, from being one of the most timid girls you might have ever met. This is from a lifetime of never shirking a series of risks, both personal and professional.

I’ll give you an example…After a year working with an airline, this is after one year before that with one of the most reputed travel companies, when I thought there was no scope of growth for me, I went and applied to a Bank…This was to prove to myself, that in spite of my grave fear of numbers and apparent weakness in Maths, even though I was a commerce graduate, I could get through.

At the final interview with the Vice President, I was asked some tough mathematical question…Which I obviously felt challenged in answering spontaneously.
So I bravely replied…somewhat like this (I don’t recall the exact question): “You add this to that, multiply that with this, and then divide with this, then you subtract that”. I looked at the VP confidently through the process, even as he looked at me curiously. I assumed he was going to show me the door right thereafter. But to my sheer amazement, he was absolutely charmed and immediately confirmed my appointment at no other than Bank of America…at a rather large and extremely busy branch…No I’m not making up this story. Ha-ha
I looked at him in shock and he said to me: “I like your confidence…and we have calculators to get to the final figure’s anyway…I liked your presence of mind.”
I then worked at BankAm for 6 months and came back to the airline, as over and above getting bored at the Bank, there was a bigger opportunity I was offered at the airline. The VP at the Bank gave me a month to think over whether I’d like to return, but I didn’t, I stayed with the airline.

But those 6 months changed my life forever…it took away my fear of numbers, gave me so much confidence. This is just one of a series of crazy things I’ve done and each time I did them I could jump a higher hurdle next time.
So if you think I was crazy to quit my career and start writing a book…You have no idea what else I’ve done to build this courage. It’s like lifting weights…you build strength/courage with every increase in weight.


PS-This post (in the link) will elaborate my fear of numbers and how deep rooted it was: https://shuvashreeghosh.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/what-emotional-strength-means-to-me/


Also, if you keep searching for happiness, you will miss all of it on the way: It’s like when you’re driving up to a hill station…It’s usually the drive up there that is more beautiful, has the most amazing sights, than the final destination which is just another town.


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