Poetry with Prakriti 2015 – Schedule



The entire schedule is in the link:  Poetry with Prakriti 2015 – Schedule Photo

I Wear My Poet’s Hat Over Again: Am immensely pleased to share with you that in the Prakriti Foundation international poetry festival to be held in Chennai from 2nd to the 11 of December, I will be reading my poetry at the venues enlisted below.
Am honoured to share the dais/platform with all the reputed poets named below in order as on the roster, many of whose work you know well, more than you do mine – except off course for my subjecting you to my poems since I started writing publically in 2007/08.
I take this opportunity to thank each one of you, many of you here who has read and appreciated my poems since my first one, thus encouraged and brought me to this stage of august poets today.

Friends in Chennai please do come by, will be lovely to meet you, (college entries will be for students but please share this with your friends at these colleges) even if you do come primarily to hear your favourite poets read and to say a ‘hello’ to me.
The entire schedule is in the link Poetry with Prakriti 2015 – Schedule Photo so you may go along to hear other poets as well around town and I’ll meet you randomly at many places…So do look out!
2nd Dec: Alliance Francaise (7 Pm) http://madras.afindia.org/
Keki Daruwalla, Bina Sarkar, Charles Stein, Arundathi Subrmaniam, Shuvashree Chowdhury, Prema Revathi & Kalki Subramaniam

3rd Dec: Shilpi Beasant Nagar. (6 Pm) https://web.facebook.com/SHILPI-148058523556/timeline
Ajinkya Sheneva, Kalki Subramaniam & Shuvashree Chowdhry

8th Dec: JBAS 9AM http://www.jbascollege.edu.in/
MGR Janaki (11.30 am) http://www.mgrjanaki.ac.in/
Shuvashree Chowdhury & Parvathy Nayar

9th Dec: WCC (9AM) http://wcc.edu.in/#
Raghavendra Madhu & Shuvashree Chowdhury

Please follow this space/link (will be updated shortly) pertaining to the event, it has details about the dates, poet’s profile, and venue of the readings:http://poetrywithprakriti.in/



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