The Meaning Of Life.


On the afternoon of the 1st of Dec, the day before I had my poetry reading at Alliance Francaise (2nd Dec), along with few of the most reputed poets – Keki Daruwalla, Bina Sarkar, Charles Stein, Arundathi Subrmaniam, Prema Revathi & Kalki Subramaniam, it being my first opportunity, it was a shock to view the flood situation unfold.
Even then, till late evening, I was told that we would continue the next evening with only 3 of us, others were unable to come, as one of the senior poets from the US – was already here in Chennai.So on the 2nd of Dec, I was on standby mode all day and very anxious in bracing myself to get to the venue in the rains. But by afternoon, I knew it was impossible. I also had a reading on the 3rd Dec.

I was angry, dejected, and suddenly poetry, the rains, god, everything and everyone angered me, trust me, I hated it all. But that’s when I decided, that to rise above this emotional and mental crisis, it is a poem and nothing but a long poem that I must write, that too on the floods that had killed my opportunity. I must not wait to write it later, and thus allow it to kill my spirit.
Thus I proceeded to work all day and into the night, to post the poem on the deluge early morning when the internet was finally up.
All I can say is that this experience has surely strengthened my wings. If I had sulked through this, in embracing negativity, I would perhaps have succumbed to it. Now I await the next opportunity. 🙂

“The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift. The Purpose Is To Give It Away.” This is why, I tend to scatter my poems, like wild flowers, whether you appreciate them or not, for all and sundry. It took me over ten hours of rigorous work, to write my last poem ‘The Chennai Deluge’ as I wanted to record as most I could for posterity, when people would forget all about these rains…But I shared it right away, instead of waiting to read it at an august gathering or to add it to my collection of about 70 poems – I have not considered making into a manuscript. But that’s also, because I can bear as many rejection notes on my prose, not my poetry, which I write for myself foremost. So to me, my poems are a gift to the world, and hopefully that’s the way they will always remain.

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