This Morning At Five


The monastery on the hilltop
shrouded in a haze of fog
is nestled amid tall Ferns
that hood its privacy from the world.

I awake again viewing its silhouette
from my bed this morning at five –
watching the fog lift off its golden lining so high:
as my eyes slowly adjust to light streaking outside.

Monks – male and female in maroon habits become
visible as I sit up on my bed cross-legged:
Their shaven heads float into view as do worshippers
fingering prayer beads vigorously, climbing steep steps.

Chirping of a variety of birds permeate my senses
and yet I can hear each one distinctly
through incessant barking of a pet Lhasa and others nearby:
My soul’s harmonious sanctum no clamour can now defy.


PS: Just scribbled this sitting on my bed at Thimpu, Bhutan by 5.30 am…took a while typing it out here.😊


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