Stealing A Slice Of Sunshine




I’m walking downhill the boulevard

with picturesque sights at every verge,

through which I see rhododendrons

and roses at doors and windows of cottages –

with the backdrop of a peeking, pristine blue sky

through hills over which clouds playfully pry.


Even as I stand in awe at every other hedge-gate

to steal an eyeful of nature’s abundance –

Thimphu in the ‘land of happiness’ is blessed with:

A couple of furry dogs invariably come barking up at me

but they merely sniff around, then quietly watch

me as I steal a slice of the setting sunshine.


Then I stroll on with an eyeful of pictorial joy

I’ve collected as if alms from a doorstep as a handful of rye –

my soul is as if that of a wandering monk’s

as it’s floating light in the cool sky:

for in my mind’s eye I’m collecting gratuitous

sights – I’m carrying along in my heart’s inflated pouch.


Cars floating uphill I deftly dodge with pictographic sight

when two boys dribbling a football become primary highlight –

as I walk by satiated with their polite innocence

along with a woody aroma infused with the chill in soft sunlight,

my heart is full of the generous alms of sights I’ve imbibed

to carry back to my world to wear as a perfume named – ‘Sublime’
















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