An Exemplary Woman



An Exemplary Woman: Pooja


Smart, elegant and beautiful,

at times volatile, but never spiteful;

Always proactive and respectful —

to the point of self-effacement

from a denial of personal fulfilment.


Always a doting and loving wife,

but as a mother her qualities shine:

As over and above attention she lavishes,

a habit of reading she encompasses —

the verbal rod to discipline she aptly uses.


Her duties as a daughter-in-law, 

sister-in-law, also every other relation

she dutifully abides — at the cost of her

desires, friends, even her personal time:

An exemplary woman — the world her defines!


PS: Wrote this poem for a handwritten card, for my dear friend Pooja, on her 35th birthday yesterday -the 23rd of July. It is obviously inspired by her.


Meet Pooja (below)…sketch by her sister-in-law Rumi Dutta.

13754217_10157442744355019_1048339386225861750_n (1)




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