My Apolitical Views On Politics.


You might mind the title of this post quite an oxymoron…that’s because I take much interest in Politics, but not in the way one might imagine. To explain  – I’m sharing here random Facebook posts of the last few days and might keep adding to this whenever inspiration strikes…You may read my previous post that triggered this thinking now. 

14th Nov, 2016.

I really am at a loss to understand, why we are always so acutely polarized into opposing factions – over political or social camps we have almost become synonymous with – due to our hate and explicit social media posts. So much that we are not willing to accept – that a person, party, place or cause may have both positive and negative aspects. If you notice – there are acute slammers or acute supporters of our PM just as there are of Aam Admi Party or Kejriwal, Kanhaiya or Rahul Gandhi for that matter. This attitude of extremism stems purely out of an alter ego that we cherish over anything else.

I may have been totally opposed to Donald Trump as Presidential candidate. But I have made my peace by now and am willing to look out for the good he might do in power, just as I did when Narendra Modi was elected. To that end I’ve been taking extra interest in reading up and watching talk shows on both men and their lives.

Just because I am a feminist does not mean I cannot talk or write about an all women gang of professional robbers as in my previous post. Then because I’ve been so awed by the aspirational, progressive attidue of people in Tamil Nadu to write about it, does not mean I must conceal that this particular gang of women robbers (my last post) came to Calcutta from Tamil Nadu. It does not imply that in my view – women and those from Tamil Nadu make great robbers.

Then we even have people who judge peoples loyalty or disloyalty to spouse and family or friends if we have divergent views.

16th November, 2016:

Narendra Modi’s Mother In Support Of Demonetisation: When and if you are raised by a tough and resilient mother, you won’t wonder at allowing a 97-98 year old mother exchanging her old notes by herself – to support her son’s crusade. You will know that such mothers don’t need allowing or urging as they are their childrens greatest brand ambassadors and supporters. My 76 year old, ex professor, pension earning mother, vows to support me in my choice of an uncertain career in writing – quitting a secure one – in the face of scathing opposition at every close quarter, some of which I have cut out of my life for good. Whether daughters like me need anything more than her moral support for long is quite another question!

16th November, 2016.

I’m not a populist and I don’t care to collect ‘likes’ – so let me list a few of the things I do or don’t do and have no qualms in admitting. If you want to be a populist be sure to do the exact opposite of what I do 😊:

  1. I do not watch Cricket and never have but I do Football, Tennis and plenty of other sport.
    2. I do not needlessly trash every government initiative – just to show my solidarity with the common man – to gain popularity. I cannot be convinced by the most convincing social commentators without objectivity.
    3. I do not subscribe to the views, mockery and agenda of opposition to anyone/ruling party or new corporate leaders – who try to make a difference. Yet I will whole heartedly support the Aam Admi or Congress party, a new CEO or MD when and if they come to power just as I now do the Trinamul since their win. This is because I hate crab mentality and pulling people down needlessly – I give them a fair chance to prove themselves without the added burden of unbridled hate.
    3. I watch Times and India Today debates regularly inspite of the “loud” anchors – which it is so fashionable to slam. I watch Arnab’s show just as I do varied others like Rajdeep or Karan Thappar, and have no qualms in admitting it. This effort, in spite of strain to my mind and ears, is to listen to divergent views – to finally make up my mind on issues. I don’t get rattled or persuaded by the anchors views or any of the panelists for that matter. Please do this to be enlightened or convinced on your half-baked views on demonetisation before you set out on your populist agenda of convincing your social media world.
    4. I’m even willing to give Donald Trump a chance at proving himself without criticising his past anymore. We have to move on and allow positivity to swathe us on the path to growth and developmemt.


17th November, 2016:

Most of us have this question – if demonetization was indeed about smoking out black money and weeding out counterfeit currency, why introduce a 2000-rupee note, that too one that does not have ANY extra security features?

Isn’t it obvious…to expedite cash flow! Can you imagine – if only 100 or less is given out how much longer and murderous the queues will get. Moreover how else to keep up with the huge production required to meet the demand now! Once this urgent situation is under control, obviously lower denominations will flow. It’s like the stopping of sales of 1gm coins at larger and reputed jewellery stores on Dhanteras day just to control the mad rush and frenzied buying. But do jewelry stores admit this… Let alone announce and put up a board to explain it.




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