Cyclone Vardah: Chennai

8D3F7A77-C383-45A4-8CF8-261434EFE30CArrival lounge at Chennai airport

Sharing my immediate reactions that I posted on Facebook…Will add to this soon. 

Shuvashree Chowdhury Ghosh

December 12 at 1:08pm ·

Cyclone Vardah: The most aggressively ferocious, soul shattering, scary, cyclonic rains I’ve ever encountered in my whole life, now in Chennai. Luckily my flight to Calcutta this afternoon was cancelled early enough this morning for me not to have ventured out foolishly. We have no power since night and having to keep all doors and windows shut to lock out the tirade. Yet water is coming through any hairpin slit and flooding floors. I’m actually pretty rattled as all the doors and windows are shaking wildly and the trees and rain aggressively and crazily bashing our walls with the wind’s phenomenal velocity with a witch like, evil shooing sound. This is no way to die…well; it sure feels I’m close to it!!!

Shuvashree Chowdhury Ghosh

14 hrs ·

If I was shaken sitting at home, to write the FB post on death being near, when I’m not easily fearful…this is why! The Hyatt (ref video in the link below), which had its glass panes flying off, is a 5 mins drive from my house. I could feel the ferocity of the wind and rain right through my soul even without viewing this havoc. The power was long gone and internet was down, so there was no way I could have seen this coming. But I am intuitive and perceptive to the slightest bit of impact on my senses, and this was as if death was coming running!


41ce2db7-8777-42ca-b853-b129f4fcb89aThis is where I perceived all of the above…



The above are few of my favourite images of Chennai…the city that taught me the value of faith…I love the way idols are dressed up in real clothes and so life like.

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