Magnetic Allure


 I drove an hour to visit you –

The evening you arrived,

With a bottle

Of Australian red wine;

But to our disappointment

There were guests who arrived –

So we sat grappling

Oral drawstrings

 Of our purse of desires.


We laughed animatedly over

Local whisky you ordered,

With finger chips, chicken fries,

Saving the wine for us:

But all I was intoxicated by

 Was your beaming face

And throaty voice –  

Steeped in the headiness

Of our belated meet-up.


Sitting alongside, every time

 You looked at me intensely,

 I was drawn as a reckless kite

Into the whirlwind

of our magnetic allure –

That grew with vibes we emanate

Into weaving a spider’s web,

In which our withheld affections

As a trapped house fly –

 Was struggling to surrender.



This poem is my Christmas gift – Of A Bottle Of Red Wine – to all my friends…Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 🙂


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