My Possessive Pride


It’s my culture, it’s my pride,

Don’t deny me my right –

To upkeep what for generations

Has been my birthright!

In my need to assert my identity

I must fight all conceivable might –

That in my sentiment does not alight.


What of the creatures I malign –

In my firm belief it is justly their plight!

For am I not rewarding them with a mate for

Their uncharacteristic defensive run,

Even if trampling my own kin, splashing blood!


Don’t I love creatures I garland and my kin, alike?

As I love ‘My’ wife – so what if I crush her profile;

‘My’ son – must he not follow in my chosen stride –

Failing which from my inheritance I will him deprive!

‘The’ daughter better not wed, hurting my pride

Or I would rather kill her if I must – before she is a bride.

‘My’ husband – all of his breathing time is all mine!

Then how can my pet dog crave beef or pork

Banned by my religion, or at least chicken

That’s his natural and instinctive preference:

For I his lord and master – am vegan, ain’t I?


So people, allow me to upkeep my pride,

Or I will scurry up a revolution:

It’s peaceful – so justified!

With which you will be forced

To bend to the Cause of my brittle pride –

Even if it turns violent overnight.

For which, my exemplary law abiding homeland –

What If the world with indignity renames – Volatile!


‘My’ God – don’t challenge my solemnity

Or devout behavior and pious style:

He’s apprised of my need to protect my pride

That you threaten to rob me of from time to time!

Ownership of those I love and worship –

Whether man or beast, is my birthright:

So don’t question my intentions – its sublime!


This poem, is inspired by my thoughts – in silently viewing the proceedings of the last week, here in Chennai, on the Jallikattu uprising: especially after the violence and lawlessness yersterday, that made the city risky for anyone and everyone on the roads…

The details are in the link:

For detailed understanding, you may watch the video in the link here:

Also for a better understanding of the concept of my poem, please read this article:

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