The Baton Of Power



I lived in her charismatic shadow all my life –

Guarding her halo of beauty, fame, and power;

I’ve bided my time to step on the political stage

Coaching myself under a pretentious cover.


The greenroom provided a great view of the drama,

Lending me ample light to nurture my own exposure –

As if my life’s film I was developing in the dark room,

I came to public light when her life’s show was over.


My dreams and ambitions I kept tightly wrapped

In a thick blanket – of a stoic, silent demeanor:

Even as I fanned my families lofty aspirations

With resolute determination sans a nervous tremor.


The loyal hearts of Tamil Nadu scorned at me

For scheming against their beloved CM – Amma Jayalalitha;

But they didn’t know I, Sasikala, was her shadow,

So someday my fame and face might precede her in posters.


People, why didn’t someone tell me – ambition, grit, willpower

Aren’t enough, in this murderous race for power:

If education, experience and wisdom are not your teachers –

A solid baton of trust is binding to run a race you’ve hankered.



Please refer to the links below for the socio-political context of my poem…




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