By The Lake This Morning.



The birds chirped abundantly, and aloud

Around the soft ripples of the wood’s lake,

As I sat viewing, on its moss-green cascade –

The defined silhouettes of trees overhead.


A chilly breeze caressed my just-woken face,

As shadows of birds stroked water’s surface –

Swathed in soft sun’s rays entwined in haze,

Sending shivers up my spine – without bane.


Yellow-beaked white birds hopped moodily

On the grassy mud banks – as if an audience

Tap dancing in the gallery of a pool-stadium:

Where tender floating leaves danced a ballet.


With a bluebird flying overhead in red-yellow,  

Awakening, enticing the leaves rhythmic sense –  

As a band in a synchronized-swimming recital:

They provided a solitary, spiritual experience.




Photos Courtesy: Shuvashree Chowdhury

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