‘Entwined Lives’: My 2nd Novel.




This is the provisional cover and below is the storyline/blurb of my new novel, titled Entwined lives to be released by late August.

Entwined Lives is the story of two attractive, independent women, Sujata Anand and Aparna Nikhil, and of their lives in fateful conjunction with each other, from loving the same man Anand, a Chennai based media baron. Sujata is married to him after college, whereas Aparna returns from Mumbai to work for Anand, from a marriage gone horribly wrong due to her husband Nikhil’s alcoholism that eventually turns fatal. She briskly works her way up, to the position of editor of the newly launched Friday supplement – a lifestyle magazine. But has Aparna earned her promotion, or is it a privileged benediction of her boyfriend? Sujata is miffed and nurturing a romantic liaison with the much older Shekhar, sets up an event management, followed by an executive search firm.
The novel perceptively charts the loves, heartbreaks, and ambitious lives, of Sujata, Aparna, Anand, and Shekhar. This is, through a trajectory of societal issues – male and increasing female alcoholism, unrecognized emotional and physical abuse, extramarital romance or sex as fallout, sexual harassment; not the least perilous – social media hoaxes, frauds, and internet financial crimes. It is an intriguing kaleidoscope of life in urban India, which holds your sight in curiosity, on what are the options these characters will exercise in the end?


I look forward to your comments and feedback on the cover and storyline, even as I  finalize them…the book is at the editing stage.

Though the plot is very simple, modern and on your face, the literary thoughts vividly conveyed in it are in the line of seriousness as my first novel and all that you’re used to reading from me.

My collection of 26 short stories titled ‘Existences’ and another of over 80 poems titled ‘Fragments’ will follow the novel in a few more months. 🙂 I just had to do this, release all simultaneously – as ever since I started to write in 2006/07 I get very opposing views on my short stories versus my poems. Some of you like my stories, but not my poems so much, others like the poems so much more than my prose. So I wanted to present something for everyone.

Well, as for those who don’t like my work…I don’t spare any thought! 🙂

Those of you who have never read my published work might hopefully have read my daily Facebook posts or blogs…I will not present you much different through my published work so you know what to expect…

It’s been an awesome amount of work, it still is, with all the editing and all else, and I look forward to your love and support as always.

Warmest regards,


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