My Invested Feelings



“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it’s destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou


Walking in the drizzle, I look for your house;

The traffic is unruly, as roads are in puddles:

I ask house guards, passers-by, for directions

Till I finally make it to your grilled front gate

Through which I see your lined book shelves.


“Sir has just gone out,’ your guard tells me;

So I persuade him to call you to come back

Since I’ve tried to reach you in varied ways:

But it’s the silent treatment you’ve doled out

To deal with hurt over accrued differences.


You say you cannot come back to meet me:

‘I’m with overseas guests’ you evenly assert,

Though I might not return to your gate ever

As we live in distant towns, at nation’s ends;

Our paths, over work, had by chance met.


My attempts to keep a communication alive

You take for granted, apologies disrespect,

No effort to convey regret for your mistakes

In nursing your wounded ego above all else,

As my feelings for you to conserve, I struggle.


Do I pick my trodden feelings off your stairs

Knowing I’m at times so tempted to recreate,

The romance we shared – with someone else

Who looks like you, has your endearing traits,

My feelings, that in you remain deeply invested!


PS:  This is inspired by the movie ‘Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana,” in the link below, that I just saw and loved, with my mother in Calcutta. I scribbled it right away after returning home…leave it to edit later. 🙂













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