On Firming My Worldviews As A Writer.

Existences cover (1) - Copy

Dear friends,
Sharing these Facebook ‘memories’ and posts here below, with dates…As, if I’m preparing to release three of my books by next month, including the one with the working (unfinished) cover above – a collection of 26 short stories, along with the republished version of my first novel Across Borders, and hoping you will read them, it is my responsibility to share with you, that I am trained and experienced over almost two decades, to disseminate a lot of my views in theese books, in addition to my insights from a lifetime of good reading. 😊
I must admit, that in spite of all the bravado with my new books I’m very anxious…Please pray for me…look forward to your support!

Also my blog, like ones diary,  seems like a good place to save these memories for a lifetime.


Thanks so much FB ! …You’ve helped me win a virtual medal, one I’ll cherish life long.This is with reference to an earlier post copied below. 🤗
On connecting with my ex boss Ernest Collett on FB, via my message below, he replied to the person who shared my message on his timeline:
“Sandip -Thanks for connecting us! I am very proud of Shuvashree and always admired her sincerity and dedication. She was passionate in our efforts in improving our service in the air and on the ground. She never stood back from anybody, even Mr Soon! Would love to read her book.”
December 7, 2013: at 10:45pm.
PS – Mr Soon, from Singapore Airlines, was the Head of Airport Services… and let me share that as head of service quality and training Ernest Collett did set an example as expected and rewarded me timely… I received the only Merit Award that year from the quality department, of Rs. 5000, which in the year 1999/2000, wasn’t so small an amount.

Dec 7, 2013: at 12.47 pm
My onetime South African boss in Jet Airways, head of service quality and training then, on a coach ride from Mumbai to Lonavla, where I was going to assist him in conducting a senior leadership workshop, very amusedly said to me – “Shuvashree, someday I’ll write a book on you, you’ll see …” This was in response to my animated discussion on people whom we had concluded a heated meeting with in Mumbai, and my opinions on various stations (cities) I audited. I had stopped midsentence, baffled and embarrassed, but soon catching my breath I replied, “When you do, please send me a copy also”…Little did I know then, that he had planted the seed of a book in my head subconsciously. His constant quizzing me on my views, as he did whenever we spoke and met, gave me the confidence to take my views to the world via a book…As I read/watch South Africa – where he’s gone back, in the news now, after Nelson Mandela’s passing away, I wish I can find a way of connecting with him, sending him a copy of my book. 😊





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