‘Fragments’ – My collection of 90 poems.

fragments (4).jpg

Dear friends,
I take great pleasure in raising the curtain to the last of my four books cover, readying for release very shortly.
It is trying to get this book of ninety poems ready that has caused the delay in releasing the other three that I had wished to be launched by last December, the covers of which I have shared earlier. The distributors want all the 4 books together for ease of their supply chain processes, while I just didn’t seem ready to finish with editing, fine tuning this book written over ten years, that took me almost two months, in addition to the others. The reason I have with much thought left it at 90 poems, instead of taking it to a hundred, is that in spite of all the insights of life I’ve collated into this book, at 46 I still have half my life ahead to mature, season and further my poetic journey to share with you. Some wines better with age. 
I sincerely hope that you will continue to love and support my 4 new-born as you have the first — Across Borders, with a quiet and mature love, following my words silently over the years.
Please click on the photo to read the back cover text…my previous post, ‘Poetry in Dressing’ might give you a peek into my poetic thinking process for this book.


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