Poetry in Dressing: Responsible Creativity


Yesterday afternoon, husband and I went to a house warming party of a longtime couple-friend’s beach villa, off the ECR road, in Chennai. The party was well organized and hosted, in a lawn in front of the villa amidst plenty of palm trees – a beautiful setting. It was well attended by a lot of people, many known to us, as the lady had till a few years back been husband’s colleague, while her husband and I had worked in different divisions of the same HR company, in Chennai, for a few years. There were invitees, both current and past, from both their work places in addition to family and friends.
In dressing up for the party, I decided to keep the location and time of day as my primary theme. As it was a beach house, and there would be plenty of breeze I decided on an ankle length printed blue skirt depicting a sea with swishing colour, that wouldn’t fly up embarrassing me, yet unlike a formal dress or trousers, was not stuffy. I could not take the liberty of landing up in too casual beach wear for it, as I mentioned that the party was to be attended by both husband’s and my ex colleagues. I wore a fitting black top to counter the bulkiness the flared skirt would add, to my not so slim self. I matched my neckwear to my skirt’s colour, but more it had coral and pearl drops at the edges to go with the sea that I’d kept as the concept for the look in my mind. Then I teamed it up with pearl drop earrings and large coral studded open-toe sandals. I opted for a heavy eyeliner and mascara look, though I don’t usually do so during the day, with light lip color, because I knew it would retain my face’s dressed look even after the lip color was long gone – over the cocktails and nibbles, with the house being at a distance to go and refresh, even as people dropped in over the course of a long afternoon. Now the final choice was in the handbag, which instinctively was a blue or pink to go with the skirt, but then even after filling my stuff in a blue, then switching to a pink, both of which went beautifully with my outfit, I dropped them for a Mario Miranda one I’d picked up in Goa, that always reminds me of the sand and the sea – which was the concept I’d chosen for my attire. So in spite of the blue and pink bags making my outfit definitely trendier and aesthetically better coordinated, I stuck with the orange one with a bold Mario Miranda cartoon on the top broad flap.
For me, there’s poetry in everything I like to do😊. Just as I put in all this thought into my outfits, when I step out in public, whether or not you may like them, think they suit me, or would care to laud me on my style and my fashion sense, as with my poetry and prose, I communicate very specifically through it, the statements I decisively intend to make. Now if I go to such lengths with my outfit for a simple lunch party, as with most things in life, and I must admit I also fail often in spite of all good intentions – can you imagine how much thought goes into every poem, short story, leave alone novels that I think, plot and plan. I would take away the beauty of something myself, after having passionately created it, if it struck me that it did not have substantive thoughts, and I would crush all the beauty if it seemed to me socially irresponsible. If you’ve read anything I’ve written so far, you may criticize it for lack of beauty, skills, erudition or anything else, but you will not find the intent to be socially responsible and relevant, missing, to which end I use all the power invested in me and in my words. My four books are due for release in a month or so and it is my responsibility to share with you the working of my mind to get an understanding an insight into my work and motivation.

These thoughts here, are inspired by my Republic Day Facebook post as copied below and the write-up in the link I shared last evening, below that, every point the writer/actor has made on women, I have had the foresight to project in my four upcoming books to be released in a month, with proper study and analysis, especially in the novels Across Borders and Entwined Lives:
Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day: With an impressive display of woman (all) power, at the parade at Rajpath, New Delhi, in the link here:

I truly believe, there is nothing that we as women cannot do as well as, if not better than men. Then why must we encourage, promote and thrive on art, literature, and a cultural heritage that continues to depict our subjugation from times immemorial.
When are we as women, going to delve into ourselves and find our inherent strength, rather than entertain ourselves and the world with our victimization.
It’s high time to rise and shine with our strengths, not our weaknesses, however pretty and alluring our helplessness seems to make us.
— Shuvashree.
A powerfully profound write-up on the need for social responsibility in creativity: https://thewire.in/218456/end-magnum-opus-i-felt-reduced-vagina/








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