Colours of My Dreams.

Reposting my facebook post here…from the 15th Feb.

“Listen to the colour of your dreams.” The Beatles: Even if it means creating two distinct and unique rainbows, that people may see, read, and perceive without the need to compare and contrast our individual glow.

Sometimes a single photo (the one below) speaks a thousand words. Last evening, as usual the black and white newspaper man (husband) was working. He doesn’t like to upkeep frivolous days like the Valentine’s Day. Let alone wishing me or getting me anything, now he even thinks we’re too old.
😊But I love to celebrate every day and if you find me a reason, I will go and paint the town red with it. In fact in all my years in the retail sector, I always encouraged my entire teams to dress up to the occasion. And they happily oblidged. Customers always dropped by to absorb the bonhomie, wherein for Christmas we all wore western clothes, for Diwali or Indian festivals we dressed in our best ethnic outfits and it goes without saying it was Red for Valentine’s Day.
Last evening after the black and white man left for work, I wore a red top with jeans and first went and got myself pampered and styled at my regular hairstylists, chatting up the young man from Darjeeling. I was so enthused to find all the staff there, many from the North East in smart Red T Shirts, jeans, their hair well styled and coloured. They smiled seeing me in Red too and it added to our very own party. Then to celebrate on my own, I watched a movie (Padman, as black and white man refused to watch it) by myself, over a large tub of butter popcorn and frothy coffee…Then wrapped up my evening with steaming Chinese dinner that I enjoyed all by myself.
By the time I was back home at 10pm and the non believer in Valentine’s Day arrived at 11pm from work, I was as cool as the dessert I’d missed. I’d celebrated the day and myself with no compulsion on the man to think it was but any other regular day. Had I stayed home, I might have been tempted to verbally cook him.
So you see, how we play out our individual dreams in the confines of a single home-sky.


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