On ‘Seriousness’: The other side of the coin



We are often told: “Don’t take things, or let’s say life – so seriously, loosen up, let it go, just laugh… or whatever it is that will ease our anxiety or our worry and pessimism. But this lack of taking things seriously since childhood, that we are encouraged to do – more so in adulthood when it is of utmost importance, is the root of most of the problems we face today, in my view.

We do not take anything seriously, do we – not our words, neither our actions, and least of all our views and scathing criticism of others, and its repercussions, or let’s say even our lavish and undue praise, that can topple and ultimately uproot the self-esteem of a person who has little ability left for judgement of his strengths and weaknesses to decide on the profundity of his behaviour or his next course of action.

So no…For heaven’s sake, I say…Do take life seriously: Even if it means that you love seriously, even if you hurt very seriously, also cry and laugh sincerely, till you really feel all of yourself in your gut and in your soul.

Don’t laugh when all you want to do is weep and don’t cry for the world when all you want to do is laugh at the absurdity of the world. Have the courage to be real and to be ‘you’, so as to feel everything deeply and connect to your core self, not to what is expected of you – thus turn yourself into a shallow creature that keeps flapping its wings with all the other ducks but has no inherent strength in its wings to fly alone.

You don’t have to be grumpy, boring, whiny and obnoxious to be seriously sincere in life, you can enjoy your life hilariously, uproariously, and be as silly as you like when the mood strikes, but you need to be deeply connected to yourself, to form sincere connections with people and the world and thereby take responsibility for your words, opinions, actions and behaviour and their impact on others. Happiness, especially peace, I believe stems from taking onus and responsibility for your words, actions and yourself.


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