Rekindling Memory Stills



I’m sitting at my desk this morning,

When the sky turns a deep leaden grey;

The clouds become dense as smoke –

Impregnated they are with August rain.


It’s been rather humid the past days

And I’ve bodily been in a lethargic state:

But my soul’s wondering amidst the clouds –

My heart and mind in total disarray now.


The streaks of light amidst the thick haze

Dazzle my eyes, as steady rain descends;

Mango leaves in varied green shades bristle –

As if water spluttering over a charcoal kiln.


Slender trees at my window sensuously swish

Like Tal Pakhas in housewives slender wrists –

They fan their white and red bordered frames with:

Restoring my Bengali childhood memory stills.





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