My Books: 2 Novels, Poetry, Short-fiction.


Dear friends, 
I’m very pleased to share that I am able to bring to you all that I have wanted to say – after two decades of corporate assignments, about life and experiences as a woman in progressive India. Even if not the views you’ve imagined or are made to believe – where women are always subjugated or under veil and live amidst snakes, elephants,harassers, rapists, male patriarchy and deadly diseases. 😊
All of these exist, as much as in any part of the world, but I’m going to show you how women of India are empowered and independent too.
I’m glad that I didn’t have to curtail anything that I’ve wanted to say, in fear of the books being of a particular word count or you in projecting stereotypes and patriarchy – to be forced to be commercially successful. I have always been true to myself and to you my readers in the last 12 years I’ve written in the public space. And I continue to be…It’s high time we change the pitiable narrative of women in India!

I’m very pleased to announce the worldwide online/soft launch of my set of 4 books on 21st December 2018 – the weekend before this Christmas.
The back covers/blurb images of the 4 books that are interrelated but can be bought/read single as well, are enclosed herewith. The physical and online versions will be listed/available on all international books sale/distribution platforms from 21st Dec and in stores subsequently. I’ll share many of the web links here soon. In India, the physical books, can be pre-booked online from 21st Dec in addition to online versions being available and will be delivered around year end. 
The books will also be available in book stores in a few more months, after formal releases.

All reviews/media coverage of my first book Across Borders is in the link…/across-borders-my-…/

I look forward to your continued love and support that enables me to take this bold step today to release 4 books. 


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