Ushering in the New Year



Shower your abundance on us, oh lord,

Bestow your graces benevolently –

May the year ahead bring peace and harmony,

Also love, prosperity, equanimity, and glory


Whether we’re brown or white doesn’t matter,

Black and yellow only enhances our beauty;

So long as we see, the greenery that wraps us all –

Doesn’t differentiate on sex, religion, nationality.


Let’s see our differences with love in the new year, 

Being judgmental only causes rift and anxiety –

Clouding our minds and politicising our views,

Turning our picturesque global greenhouse gory.


With these thoughts to end my year, wishing all of you my dear friends, a very happy new year 2019! 






#newyear #equalityforall #feminism #lifeviews #peaceandlove #poetry #worldviews #nonjudgemental #happynewyear2019


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